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File Copy Test
File Copy Test is a pseudo-real-world benchmark that times how long it takes to create, read, and copy files in various test patterns. File copying is tested twice: once with the source and target on the same partition, and once with the target on a separate partition. Scores are presented in MB/s.

To make things easier to read, we've separated our FC-Test results into individual graphs for each test pattern. We'll tackle file creation performance first.

FC-Test's scripted file creation sequences really stress a drive's write performance, and it's here that the benefits of SLC memory become readily apparent. The X25-E is more than three times faster than the X25-M virtually across the board, and it's much quicker than any of the other drives we've assembled, as well.

As one might expect, the Extreme isn't much quicker than the X25-M when we switch to FC-Test's read benchmarks. The drives offer roughly equivalent read speeds here, although the X25-E is a little quicker with each workload, perhaps due to its slightly lower read latency.