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IOMeter presents a good test case for both seek times and command queuing.

Can you guess which IOMeter test pattern is exclusively made up of read operations? I thought so. Only with the web server test pattern does the X25-M manage to hang with Intel's latest SSD, as both drives roar out to a huge lead over the competition. The M is quite a bit faster than the rest of the field when faced with IOMeter's other test patterns, too, but it's not nearly as quick as the Extreme. Based on these results, it's easy to see why Intel is targeting the X25-E at enterprise environments. No other drive we've tested even comes close to matching its performance, and that includes Samsung's SLC-based FlashSSD.

The X25-E's IOMeter CPU utilization is much higher than the rest of the field, but that's to be expected given the fact that the drive is doing significantly more work.