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Corsair's VX450W 450W
Budget power for enthusiasts

Manufacturer Corsair
Model VX450W 450W
Price (Street)
Availability Now

The VX450W is a part of Corsair's value line, and up until very recently, it was the lowest-wattage PSU the company offered. With a price tag nearly three times higher than that of the Basiq, the VX450W isn't exactly what I'd call cheap. But then it also offers quite a bit more than your average budget PSU, including 80 Plus certification and five years of warranty coverage, two more than any other PSU in this round-up.

Corsair has even put a little thought into the VX's aesthetics, draping the unit in stealthy all-black attire. Our test unit arrived a little banged up, with one of its panels slightly bent, but a firm push quickly set it back in place.

Like most PSUs, the VX450W isn't much to look at. However, it does have a generous amount of venting at the rear, with an open honeycomb pattern that should offer plenty of exhaust airflow.

Cooling is provided by a 120 mm fan mounted on the bottom of the unit. As you can see, Corsair uses a much thinner grill than what we saw on Antec's Basiq. Corsair also sheathes the full length of each of the VX450W's cables. This might seem like a small touch, but it keeps cabling a lot neater, particularly if you're criss-crossing a lot of cables back and forth inside a system.

The VX450W's DC voltages are a little on the low side, but not by significant enough margins to worry about. Most manufacturers have voltage tolerances of +/- 5%, and the VX450W is well within that range.

Regardless of the load level, the VX450W's AC ripple content remains largely flat at an average of about 10 millivolts. That's a good result.

Given its 80 Plus certification, it's no surprise to see the VX450W do well in our efficiency tests. This PSU is more than 90% efficient at our lowest load level, and even when pushed to the limit, the VX450W still manages better than 81% efficiency.