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Noise levels
Noise levels were measured with an Extech 407727 Digital Sound Level meter 1" from the side of the drives at idle and under an HD Tach seek load. Drives were run with the PCB facing up.

Because it has no moving parts, the ANS-9010 is completely silent. The 42.6-decibel scores you see for the SSDs represent the ambient noise levels of the test system itself.

Power consumption
For our power consumption tests, we measured the voltage drop across a 0.1-ohm resistor placed in line with the 5V and 12V lines connected to each drive. Through the magic of Ohm's Law, we were able to calculate the power draw from each voltage rail and add them together for the total power draw of the drive. Because the i-RAM pulls its power from a PCI slot, we were unable to measure its exact power draw and include it in the results below.

Regardless of what it's doing, the ANS-9010 pulls just under 12 watts with 16GB of memory spread across all eight of its DIMM slots. The drive's power consumption is significantly higher than that of flash-based SSDs and even most of our hard drives, but it's not entirely unreasonable.