The TR Podcast 32: Troubled times, scary storage, and the dark oscar

Plus the 64-bit tipping point, why Circuit City killed itself, website updates, and more

Date: Jan 24, 2009
Time: 1:10:23

Hosted by Jordan Drake
Co-Hosts: Scott Wasson, Geoff Gasior, Cyril Kowaliski

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Show notes
2009 is off to a rocky start in the economic sense, and the downturn has hit many tech companies. In this episode, our editors discuss the state of the tech industry, examining the news coming from Intel, AMD, Microsoft, Apple, and others. We also continue our coverage of the Seagate Barracuda 7200.11 debacle—both Scott and Geoff are holding off on purchasing Seagate drives for the time being. Finally, Scott is miffed at the "shaft" given to The Dark Knight in the 2009 Oscar nominations, and Jordan admits to actually watching the Oscars.

Additionally, we're excited about an upcoming guest on the TR Podcast: Matthew Hiltner, who is a BIOS/firmware and simulation engineer at Intel. We'll be interviewing Matthew within the next week or two, and you can post any question you'd like us to ask him.

Send in listener mail, and we'll answer it on the podcast. -

Tech discussion:

    Intel to close test facilities, shut down a fab (0:06:37)- Read more

    AMD posts $1.4 billion net loss on $1.2 billion revenue (0:08:46)- Read more

    Intel may post a loss for this quarter (0:15:35)- Read more

    Microsoft cutting 5000 jobs, Apple posts record profit (0:17:57)

    Circuit City bites the dust (0:23:55)- Read more

    Microsoft: We've reached the 64-bit tipping point (0:33:13)- Read more

    The Seagate Barracuda debacle (0:42:38)- Read more - Story 2 - Story 3

    ACard's ANS-9010 Serial ATA RAM disk (0:49:13)- Read more

    TR's news page gets a makeover (0:57:48)- Read more

    The Dark Knight gets the shaft (1:00:16)

That's all, folks! We'll see you on January 31 for our next TR podcast.

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