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WorldBench uses scripting to step through a series of tasks in common Windows applications. It then produces an overall score. WorldBench also spits out individual results for its component application tests, allowing us to compare performance in each. We'll look at the overall score, and then we'll show individual application results. You won't find Gigabyte's i-RAM in the graphs below because its 4GB maximum storage capacity is too limited for WorldBench to run.

WorldBench is made up of common desktop applications that aren't typically bound by storage subsystem performance. However, it's still a little disheartening to see our X25-E RAID config fail to make the podium. Even a single X25-E is faster than our stack of four here.

Multimedia editing and encoding

MusicMatch Jukebox

Windows Media Encoder

Adobe Premiere

VideoWave Movie Creator

Our X25-E RAID 0 array does reasonably well in WorldBench's Premiere test, but scores are close through the rest of WorldBench's multimedia editing and encoding tests. Note that the RAID setup is 13 seconds slower than a single X25-E in the Media Encoder test, though.