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File Copy Test
File Copy Test is a pseudo-real-world benchmark that times how long it takes to create, read, and copy files in various test patterns. File copying is tested twice: once with the source and target on the same partition, and once with the target on a separate partition. Scores are presented in MB/s.

To make things easier to read, we've separated our FC-Test results into individual graphs for each test pattern. We'll tackle file creation performance first.

Now that's more like it. Our X25-E RAID array roars to victory in all five file creation test patterns. The striped array's performance is most dominant with the Install, ISO, and MP3 test patterns, which have smaller numbers of larger files than the Programs and Windows test patterns. We see the most impressive performance scaling with the MP3 test pattern, which runs more than 3.5 times faster with four X25-Es than it does with a single drive.

Although it continues to lead the field by a wide margin with most test patterns, our X25-E RAID 0 array's read performance isn't nearly as impressive as its write speeds. In fact, with the Windows test pattern, the X25-E array is actually slower than a single X25-E. Even when it's out ahead of the rest of the pack, the Extreme SSD array is never more than 1.6 times faster than a single-drive config.