The TR Podcast 38: Hello Mr. Hawking, Dell does sexy, and affordable Core i7

Plus a look at CPU industry wide bang for buck, Western Digital's cool techsessory, and more

Date: March 21, 2009
Time: 1:12:24

Hosted by Jordan Drake
Co-Hosts: Geoff Gasior, Cyril Kowaliski, Matt Butrovich
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Show notes
This week's episode starts off in geek central with a short Battlestar Galactica series finale discussion, which is sure to amuse the BSG fans who already saw the climactic finish last night. Matt then kicks off our actual tech talk with an overview of WD's TV HD Media Player and how it compares to other media-center options on the market.

Moving on, we beat the iPod shuffle dead horse just a tad more, and we segue into equally cynical commentary about Dell's latest attempt at a MacBook Air competitor. Cyril later explains the current processor landscape in terms of bang for buck, after which Geoff goes over affordable Core i7 motherboards, we speculate on Intel and AMD's latest schoolyard fight, Geoff tells us why Nvidia's Hybrid Power technology is dead on the desktop, and much more.

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Tech discussion:

    The guys talk a little pre-finale Battlestar Galactica (0:02:42)

    Western Digital's WD TV HD Media Player (0:09:00)- Read more

    New iPod shuffle still has no display, now lacks buttons (0:16:24)- Read more

    Dell takes cues from Apple, intros thin, aluminum laptop (0:21:47)- Read more

    Microsoft releases completed Internet Explorer 8 (0:27:16)- Read more

    A fresh look at processor value (0:30:47)- Read more

    A trio of affordable Core i7 motherboards (0:40:31)- Read more

    Intel, AMD in licensing brawl over GlobalFoundries (0:51:09)- Read more

    New all-in-one VIA chipset can decode 1080p video (0:54:41)- Read more

    HybridPower dies on the desktop (0:57:49)- Read more

    iPhone OS 3.0 to bring copy and paste, search, MMS support (1:02:46)- Read more

    Where's the sweet spot for headphones? (1:09:45)- Read more

That's all, folks! We'll see you on the next episode!

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