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Sizing up the NC20
Designed as it is around its 12.1" display, the NC20 has the footprint of a traditional ultraportable: markedly smaller and thinner than your average 14" laptop, but wider and deeper than a netbook. I've taken some pictures of the NC20 alongside examples of both classes of systems. Representing the business laptop is Lenovo's ThinkPad T60, which has a thin profile and a 14" display with a 4:3 aspect ratio. Representing netbooks is my Eee PC 1000H.

The NC20 slots right in between the T60 and the 1000H in terms of overall size. This is still a very compact and easily portable machine. Chassis thickness ranges from just over 1.5" at the rear, with the battery installed, to 1" thick at the front, so the NC20 is respectably trim, though it doesn't delve into Kate Moss/MacBook Air territory.

As you can see, Samsung has endowed the NC20 with the usual complement of ports along its sides. I believe you can work out which ones are what types without my assistance, but I should mention that the one item of note not visible in the pictures above is an SD flash reader located on the front of the unit, under the left portion of the wrist wrest. Everything else is in plain sight, and the rear of the enclosure is devoid of ports entirely, save for the battery bay.

Yes, the NC20 is adorned with blue LED indicators, but rest assured: they are tastefully modulated and look rather attractive.

No, really!