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Into the thinness

I've not taken these pictures from the convenient angles used in MacBook Air promotional photos, so the X340 may not seem to be all that thin at first glance. You may have to hold one in your hands to truly grasp its sleekness. But compare the X340 to the Eee PC 1000H that sits atop it in the picture above, and you begin to get a sense of things. The X340 occupies very little space on the Y axis.

Compared to a 10" netbook, the X-Slim is substantially wider and a little bit deeper, too. The black finish on top is just as glossy, though, which allows me to embed semi-hidden images of myself into my reviews. Thanks for that, computer fashion people!

All of the indicator lights on the X340 are driven by pure white LEDs, which makes for a distinctive and quite suave look overall. Although they may appear to have a blue tone and be a bit flat in the pictures, these LEDs glow brilliant white in person. Kinda nifty.

Further proof MSI was looking over Jonathan Ive's shoulder during the exam: an MSI logo on the lid of the system illuminated by the display backlight. Regardless of its origins, though, one can't help but appreciate the look.

Here's a closer view of the SD media reader on the side of the unit. Those wrap-around vents pull double duty as exhaust ducts for warm air and as the speaker openings.