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Power consumption
For our power consumption tests, we measured the voltage drop across a 0.1-ohm resistor placed in line with the 5V and 12V lines connected to each drive. We were able to calculate the power draw from each voltage rail and add them together for the total power draw of the drive. Drives were tested while idling and under an IOMeter load consisting of 256 outstanding I/O requests using the workstation access pattern.

The new X25-M's power consumption is nearly identical to that of the old model. Keep in mind that at 160GB, the G2 we're using has twice the storage capacity of the first-gen unit.

That said, the Intel drives are still more power-hungry than those based on Indilinx and Samsung controllers. The Summit's extremely low idle power consumption is particularly impressive, but we're still only looking at differences of fractions of a watt.