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IOMeter presents a good test case for both seek times and command queuing.

Well, there's your improved random write performance. With IOMeter workloads that include write operations (everything but the web server workload), the new X25-M offers notably higher transaction rates than the old model. This boost in performance is good enough to put the Intel drive back in the lead, ahead of the OCZ Vertex.

The G2 picks up where the original left off in the read-dominated web server workload, too. Though it's not that much faster than the older model, the new drive is still miles ahead of the competition.

Along with the G2's superior transaction rates comes higher CPU utilization. Because some of the drives are doing more work, these results are better put into context by looking at the transaction rate per percent CPU utilization.

Higher numbers are better here, and the X25-M G2 looks very competitive. It's clearly the most efficient drive with the web server workload.