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Sizing up the chip

die size
process node
G92b 754 256 55-nm TSMC
GT200 1400 576* 65-nm TSMC
GT200b 1400 470* 55-nm TSMC
RV740 826 137 40-nm TSMC
RV770 956 256 55-nm TSMC
Juniper 1040 166 40-nm TSMC
Cypress 2150 334 40-nm TSMC

Despite the omission of double-precision math support, Juniper's transistor count still exceeds the RV770's somewhat, as the numbers in the table to the right attest. Because, like Cypress, the Juniper GPU is manufactured using a 40-nanometer fab process, it's a much smaller chip, though—closer in size to the RV740 GPU in the Radeon HD 4770. As you might be gathering, that means Juniper packs a heckuva wallop for its size. We'll get into specifics on that front shortly.

Please note that the numbers in the table are somewhat approximate, since they're culled from various sources. Most notably, Nvidia has avoided divulging die sizes for its largest chips, so our GT200 and GT200b numbers are potentially off. I just Googled around for them and settled on the most widely accepted numbers. You may prefer the "spin the bottle method," which could produce more accurate results. I've not pried the cap off of a GT200/b to check them. Hence the asterisks.

Below are pictures of the various GPUs sized up, again approximately, next to a quarter for reference. As you can see, Juniper is very much a welterweight.





The 55-nm G92b

The 65-nm GT200 under its metal cap