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Really, it's not that big
As a member of Asus' UnLimited notebook series, the UL80Vt has a little more aesthetic flair than one might otherwise expect from such an inexpensive system. The star of the show is easily the brushed aluminum top panel, which is anodized black and looks quite stately, in an industrial sort of way. Plus, the textured surface won't attract fingerprints and smudges like a glossy one would.

14" systems aren't considered a part of the ultraportable crowd, but the first thing I thought when unboxing the UL80Vt (sorry, I really should have captured that incredibly exciting moment in an exclusive unboxing video) is that it really isn't all that big. I've reviewed a couple of 13.3" notebooks lately, and while this particular Asus is definitely larger than all of them, the difference doesn't amount to much. The UL80Vt measures 13.3" x 9.4" x 0.55-1.06", which as you can see, makes is only marginally larger than Acer's 13.3" Aspire Timeline 3810.

The UL80Vt does weight a little more, but it only tips the scales at 4.4lbs, or exactly two kilos. That's a pretty respectable weight considering the inclusion of an optical drive and an eight-cell battery.

Whether the UL80Vt can officially be considered a thin-and-light system will no doubt be the subject of some debate. Such distinctions are largely meaningless, though. The UL80Vt is easily portable, and it's thinner than my Eee PC 1000HA. Of course, I can easily open the Eee PC in cramped quarters, including the tightly packed steerage class of most airlines these days. The UL80Vt is going to be a squeeze unless you can score a seat next to the emergency exit.