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3D modeling and rendering

Cinebench rendering
The Cinebench benchmark is based on Maxon's Cinema 4D rendering engine. It's multithreaded and comes with a 64-bit executable. This test runs with just a single thread and then with as many threads as CPU cores (or threads, in CPUs with multiple hardware threads per core) are available.

Here's another nicely multithreaded application where the Clarkdale processors overachieve to great effect: the i5-661 beats the Athlon II X4 630 and almost ties the Core 2 Quad Q9400—in addition to producing the highest single-threaded score by over 400 points.

Our multiprocessor speed-up graph documents the interplay between one thread and many, and between Turbo Boost and Hyper-Threading. Despite its Turbo Boost-driven ability to reach its highest clock speeds with just a single thread, the Core i5-661 gains more from the move to multiple threads than any of the other dual-cores.

POV-Ray rendering
We're using the latest beta version of POV-Ray 3.7 that includes native multithreading and 64-bit support.

3ds max modeling and rendering

Valve VRAD map compilation
This next test processes a map from Half-Life 2 using Valve's VRAD lighting tool. Valve uses VRAD to pre-compute lighting that goes into games like Half-Life 2.

The story in the rest of our rendering tests remains more or less the same: the Clarkdale processors do amazing things for dual-core parts. They're just not quite up to keeping pace with quad-cores in the same price range.