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Cable reach
The number of connectors provided is only one part of a power supply's cabling equation. How far those connectors reach is also important, especially if you're running a larger tower enclosure or one of those exotic upside-down cases that puts the PSU below the motherboard. Even if you have a relatively small, traditional case, longer cables can provide more routing flexibility.

With the help of our trusty measuring tape, we've determined the maximum cable reach for each PSU. The measurements shown for SATA and four-pin peripheral connectors refer to the reach of the last connector on the longest cable.

Only a few inches separate the longest motherboard power cables from the shortest ones. Corsair provides the longest reach here, outstretching the Revolution85+'s cables by half an inch. The XFX unit's primary power cable is a little on the short side, which could create problems in upside-down cases in particular.

The PCIe power cables provided by each PSU are closer in length than the motherboard power leads. Again, Enermax and Corsair lead the field.

Despite having the shortest primary motherboard power cable, the XFX Black Edition's Molex and SATA plugs offer several more inches of leeway than the competition. Enermax pulls up particularly short when we look at four-pin Molex connectors, but at least it offers plenty of reach for SATA devices.