The TR Podcast 57: Viva Las CES

The Tech Report Podcast Date: January 17, 2010

Time: 1:37:29

Hosted by Jordan Drake

Co-hosts: Scott Wasson, Cyril Kowaliski, and Geoff Gasior

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Show notes

Fresh back from CES 2010, the gang attempts to recap everything seen during and after this year’s upbeat electronics expo. We start with Intel’s new mobile and desktop platforms and other interesting technologies, like the Wireless Display (WiDi) feature included in a few different Arrandale laptops. From AMD, we have both external graphics and the new, $99 Radeon HD 5670. Nvidia, meanwhile, showed its next-generation Tegra system-on-a-chip and GeForce 3D Vision Surround, a 3D gaming scheme Scott actually likes.

Other CES delights include an exciting motion-control product coming soon from Razer and EVGA’s ridiculously massive dual-Xeon motherboard, which we’re not sure will actually fit into existing PC enclosures. We also go over Asus’ new line of stylish-looking laptops, the fab behemoth that GlobalFoundries is becoming, and a bevy of new SSDs from, well, just about everybody.

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Tech discussion:

    Intel’s next-gen Atom arrives in Asus’ Eee PC 1005PE netbook (0:02:19)- Read more

    Intel’s Core i3 and i5 dual-core processors (0:10:28)- Read more

    Intel’s Core Mobile CPUs debut in Asus’ K42F notebook (0:17:04)- Read more

    Arrandale 3D demo and WiDi (0:20:41)- Jordan dons the 3D glasses

    AMD’s Radeon HD 5670 graphics card (0:27:10)- Read more

    AMD demos 3D and XGP graphics concepts (0:31:17)

    Tegra 2 debuts, runs Unreal Engine 3 (0:35:18)- Read more

    Nvidia’s 3D Vision Surround: to Eyefinity and beyond? (0:42:52)- Read more

    New Asus laptops focus on design distinctiveness (0:47:26)- Read more

    Razer and Sixsense demo new motion control device (0:57:50)

    Antec’s new case lineup (1:08:25)

    Zotac displays Mini-ITX mobos, barebones nettops, and mobile PCs at CES (1:14:07)- Read more

    EVGA CES showcase includes H55 and dual-Xeon motherboards (1:19:11)- Read more

    GlobalFoundries swallows up Chartered (1:23:27)- Read more

    SSD product roundup (1:29:07)- OCZIntelSuper Talent

That’s all, folks! We’ll see you on the next episode.

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    • grantmeaname
    • 10 years ago

    This is great!! Definitely hands-down the best CES coverage anywhere on the web! Thanks guys!

      • ssidbroadcast
      • 10 years ago

      Yeah I agree. During actual CES there was this “information overload” effect from all the articles TR posted. I think I got a better sense of what went on by listening to the podcast.

      • fantastic
      • 10 years ago

      I was going to say something… Sharp ears, wibeasley.

    • BoBzeBuilder
    • 10 years ago

    Click on the pic. I think that’s Scoot.

      • ssidbroadcast
      • 10 years ago

      lol! Nice easter egg find! Yup, that’s Scott. At least Jordan made it look nerd-chic.

      • Meadows
      • 10 years ago

      Oh lordy, more dorky glasses.

    • Freon
    • 10 years ago

    Great podcast guys.

    You guys have me pumped on this Razor 3D pointer doohickie. My only concern is that 1mm linear precision means it won’t be able to displace the mouse on any PC. I think for it to really catch on as a consumer device it needs to bump the mouse and work as a decent 2D mouse. No one is going to wave their hand in the air for long periods, it is too tiring. Switching back and forth is going to hurt uptake.

    I think people are willing to pay a premium for a quality pointing device with cool features, but I think it is unlikely it will become widely popular if it is just another add-on, rather than an enhanced replacement.

    • rhysl
    • 10 years ago

    errr downloading at 300bytes per sec.. ??!?!!

    • Skrying
    • 10 years ago

    Really pumped to see those Razor gaming products.

    Also really excited to see those new Antec cases.

    Where are the pictures? I want pictures!

    • ssidbroadcast
    • 10 years ago

    Hm, 66 megs. Thanks for keeping the size down, Jordan.

    Edit: As opposed to the usual 90 megs. Not being THAT sarcastic.

      • Skrying
      • 10 years ago

      Mines 91MB! Of course I think I’m subscribed to the enhanced feed. Don’t mind, enjoy the quality. Night and day compared say ESPN’s podcasts where you can hear the compression artifacts.

        • ssidbroadcast
        • 10 years ago

        Oh… that’s RIGHT. I’m downloading the plain ol’ vanilla mp3 version because the m4a won’t work on my android phone.

        Jordan, I _[

          • Skrying
          • 10 years ago

          It really doesn’t matter with TR. The mp3 quality they use is sufficiently high enough to prevent the nasty compression artifacts from ruining the day. ESPN and the like are using 32kbps rates and while you get 1 hour podcasts in very small envelopes you also get constant noise in the background.

            • ssidbroadcast
            • 10 years ago

            APM’s /[

            • _Sigma
            • 10 years ago

            Refresh my memory, why are we upset over 90mb?

            • ssidbroadcast
            • 10 years ago

            Because if your portable music player/phone has only 8GB of storage, and you’ve nearly filled it with your music library, then you’re looking for places to pinch a few megs here and there.

    • DrDillyBar
    • 10 years ago

    Perfect for a Monday morning at work.

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