review the tr podcast 59 optimus prime the ipad and a podcast exclusive

The TR Podcast 59: Optimus Prime, the iPad, and a podcast exclusive

The Tech Report Podcast Date: February 28, 2010
Time: 1:17:28

Hosted by Jordan Drake

Co-hosts: Scott Wasson, Cyril Kowaliski, and Geoff Gasior

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Show notes
We start this episode with a panel discussion of Apple’s iPad. Scott, Geoff, and Cyril voice criticisms about the device, while Jordan makes his case for the iPad succeeding as an everyman consumer tablet. Moving on to PC hardware, we cover a variety of news surrounding Nvidia’s upcoming GF100 graphics processor, not to mention the company’s latest switchable graphics technology, a.k.a. Optimus.

Scott goes on to deliver an exclusive podcast preview of his Radeon HD 5830 article, which should pop up on the website this week. Finally, our editors explain the new CPU picks, price hikes, and component tweaks from our latest system guide.

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Tech discussion:

    Apple iPad – roundtable discussion (0:01:35)- Read more

    Nvidia GF100 news roundup (0:30:10)- Read moreAnd moreEven more

    Nvidia brings Optimus switchable graphics to notebooks (0:42:00)- Read more

    Exclusive podcast preview of Radeon HD5830 (0:53:46)

    TR’s March 2010 system guide (1:06:24)- Read more

That’s all, folks! We’ll see you on the next episode.

0 responses to “The TR Podcast 59: Optimus Prime, the iPad, and a podcast exclusive

  1. I just had one comment for whoever was saying they wanted open system for textbooks, etc on the iPad.

    You are acting like you can’t put other media onto an iPod/iPhone, and can’t use iTunes mp3’s on other devices. I can buy amazon mp3s, rip my own mp3s, buy Audible content and put it on my iPhone. The book format they’re using is the open ePub format.

    This is the same format used by the Sony eReaders, the Nook, and countless other lesser known devices. You won’t be able to use the iTunes bought stuff on other devices beacuse of FairPlay, but you’ll be able to use any un-DRM’d ePub books on the iPad and can already use them on the iPhone.

    Its fine to say its not what geeks wanted, and you are disappointed, but another completely to act as if its 100% closed and you can’t do anything without Apple’s consent. I have a program call ImTOO iPhone transfer that lets me drag and drop content to my iPhone without iTunes, and I have no doubt it would work for an iPad as well. Its not nearly as closed as geeks want to say it it is. You just can’t put on any old app out there that doesnt’ go through the Apple approval process.

  2. Man, the iPad discussion was frickin’ hilarious. Jordan you are such a Apple apologist, get over it the iPad is garbage. Granted the Apple fanboys will eat this up as well as the people who use Apple products as status symbols but to the informed buyer the iPad is a huge ball of fail.

    Listening to all the issues with it and trying to defend it’s usefulness was awesome, I have not laughed that much during a TR podcast in quite sometime. All in all though good work and keep it up.

  3. Now I’m really looking forward to the 5830 review. Historical data going back to the 7-series of nVidia cards will be pretty interesting. I hope it gets a bunch of page-views like the CPU article.

    I’m definitely liking the competition between AMD and Intel in the low-mid CPU arena, just wish there was similar competition in the GPU-space right now.

    The CPU-space feels a bit like the Prescott days with the roles reversed with Intel now having the more efficient processors they can sell at a premium and AMD having to sell hotter larger chips at lower prices than they’d probably like to compete.

    I don’t remember having a situation like we do now with GPUs (been following since about the Geforce4-series of nVidia/Radeon 8000-series of chips). nVidia has basically missed the first generation of DirectX 11 cards with GF100 being so late. It’s a shame there isn’t pressure to lower prices on AMD’s high end stuff. Hopefully the situation is better when Starcraft 2 and Diablo 3 come out, I know a few friends and myself that would be likely to upgrade around then.

    I think nVidia’s problem has been building chips that are just too big for the process they’re initially released on. They’ve been doing this in a big way since G80 and just getting more out of hand with GT200 and now GF100 is a behemoth. G92b has a much more reasonable die size than G80 and GT200b is much less unwieldy than original GT200. Hopefully nVidia will be able to apply what they’ve learned from GF100 toward their shrink and subsequent midrange derivatives (I hope they don’t just continue to rebrand G92b and GT200 based parts, as “fabulous” as they may be).

  4. Hey guys – great job. I have missed this. Keep them coming!!!

    Jordon – good point about the ipad being more for the common man. As a bit of a nerdlington, I can say the ipad strikes me in the same way it strikes Scott. Overpriced. Underwhelmed.

    As much as I disagree – you add some good balance (and may yet be proven right).

    I think Charlie may be closer to right than many people give him credit for. That said, as long as the GF100 is at a price point that pushes the HD58xx parts lower, then I will be happy. I’d be buying a HD5850 right now if it was closer to $200 than $300.