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Metro 2033
The developers of Metro 2033 have come up with a nifty scripted benchmark based on their game, and we decided to give it a shot. As the settings page below shows, we did not test at Metro 2033's highest image quality settings. Those wouldn't be too friendly to mid-range graphics cards like these mostly are. Because we used DirectX 11, we had to exclude the older cards from this one.

Wow, these results are a little top-heavy with green. That's true in part because we've included the single biggest DX11 GPU and the most expensive single-GPU graphics card you can buy, the $500 GeForce GTX 480. Even so, the GeForces tend to be quite a bit faster in this game—with the obvious exception of the GTX 460 768MB at 2560x1600. That lower-memory card looks to be a poor match for a high-resolution display.

Why are the Barts cards faster than the Cypress ones at 2560x1600? I dunno, but we'll be entertaining guesses in the comments. Perhaps it has to do with tessellation overhead, which would also explain why the GF100-based cards, the GTX 470 and 480, so handily outrun their GF104-based brethren.