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HD Tune — Transfer rates
Our HD Tune tests conclude with a look at random access times, which the app separates into 512-byte, 4KB, 64KB, and 1MB transfer sizes. Let's start with reads.

Versus the other SSDs, the 470 Series' access times are a little sluggish up to the 64KB transfer size. At 1MB, the field spreads out, and the Samsung SSD finds itself smack in the middle.

To get a better sense of things, let's take a closer look at access times with 4KB and 1MB transfer sizes.

We use 4KB random access times in our overall performance index, and while the 470 Series is definitely at the back of the solid-state pack, it's still more than an order of magnitude faster than the quickest mechanical drives. The SSDs slow down appreciably when the transfer size increases to 1MB, but even then, they remain several times quicker than traditional hard drives.

Despite lagging behind with random reads, the 470 Series is among the quickest solid-state drives with random writes. In fact, when we reach the 1MB transfer size, it's the fastest drive of the lot.

The bar graph provides some additional perspective on just how closely matched the top SSDs are, at least with the 4KB transfer size. Things spread out with the larger 1MB transfer size, and this time we see a couple of the slower SSDs mixing in with the mechanical pack.