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Video encoding

x264 HD benchmark
This benchmark tests one of the most popular H.264 video encoders, the open-source x264. The results come in two parts, for the two passes the encoder makes through the video file. I've chosen to report them separately, since that's typically how the results are reported in the public database of results for this benchmark.

Note that we are not using hardware-accelerated QuickSync video here. This is all on the CPU. The first pass of the conversion process isn't as widely multithreaded as the second, obviously, and so the standing change quite a bit from one pass to the next. The Sandy Bridge chips perform well overall, but the Phenom II X4 840 is faster than the i3-2100 in pass two.

Windows Live Movie Maker 14 video encoding
For this test, we used Windows Live Movie Maker to transcode a 30-minute TV show, recorded in 720p .wtv format on my Windows 7 Media Center system, into a 320x240 WMV-format video format appropriate for mobile devices.

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