The TR Podcast 79: A Sandy Bridge to CES

Plus the missing iPad killer, Portal 2 with Razer goodness, and more...

The Tech Report Podcast Date: January 17, 2011
Time: 1:49:40

Hosted by Jordan Drake

Co-Hosts: Scott Wasson, Cyril Kowaliski, Geoff Gasior


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Show notes
This is a monster episode. Between a detailed look at Intel's new Sandy Bridge processors (not to mention the slew of motherboards that come along with them) and all the news from CES to discuss, we've recorded one of our longest episodes in a while. Along the duration, you'll hear some listener questions answered, some industry news discussed, some product announcements considered, and future tech prognosticated. Simply put, there's a lot to love about this episode of The Tech Report Podcast.

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Listener mail:

Sandy Bridge for thin and light? - from Mike - (0:01:27):

"I’m interested in getting another laptop this tax return since my wife basically stole mine. I had a Asus (however you say that) UL30VT (C2D SU7300, and G210 graphics, pretty bare bones, but the power was sufficient, and battery life was a dream). Shy of buying another one, I’m not sure that AMDs E350 APU (Zecate) measures up to even its outdated performance. It looks like I’m taking a 10% to 20% cut in capability, for less run time, etc, that said, it’s cheap and I don’t know if SandyBridge based processors are coming out for Thin and Lights any time soon.

So basically I wanted to know what the group thinks will happen in the $500-$750 laptop range in the next few months, and if it’s worth buying something like a ThinkPad x120e, or (gasp) and HP DM1, since it’s pretty close to what I’m used to having and met most of my needs? Is it worth waiting to see what SandyBridge comes to market in? Or should I just jump on one of the screaming deals while everyone is trying to dump last year’s systems?"

Sandy Bridge, Bulldozer, Arm, and X86 - from Philip:

"Sandy Bridge processors (and what this means for Bulldozer). These processors seem so good that I am tempted not to wait (even to compare or for the price drops when Bulldozer is released). The upcoming ARM vs. x86 wars - how long until an ARM processor can compete with an x86? Will they ever* be able to compete as a mainstream product? (*ever in processor terms, so about the next 2 to 3 real life years) What do you think of nvidia's strategy? How is this impacted by the firing of Dirk Meyer from AMD? Is it a coincidence that the firing is so close to the nvidia CES presentation?"

Tech discussion:

    Intel's 'Sandy Bridge' Core processors (0:14:20)- Read more

    Sandy Bridge motherboards from Asus, Gigabyte, Intel, and MSI (0:50:08)- Read more

    Nvidia unveils 'Project Denver': an ARM-compatible CPU for desktops and servers (1:08:40)- Read more

    Intel and Nvidia hug it out, announce new cross-licensing deal (1:19:56)- Read more

    AMD board ousts Dirk Meyer, will seek new CEO (1:23:42)- Read more

    New Asus tablets (1:29:45)- Read more - and more -

    Brazos ultraportables come out swinging (1:34:23)- Read more

    Razer shows handheld concept gaming PC (1:39:12)- Read more

That's all, folks! We'll see you on the next episode.TR

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