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StarCraft II
We tested StarCraft II by playing back a recording of an epic 30-minute, eight-player match that we found online and capturing frame rates with Fraps. Thanks to the relatively long time window involved, we decided not to repeat this test multiple times, like we usually do when testing games in this fashion.

Interesting. Even with the aid of a GeForce GTX 460 (albeit via only four PCIe lanes), the E-350 and Atom D525 can't handle SC2 at these detail levels. We have several crackpot theories about why, involving things like the number of PCIe lanes going to the graphics card and the CPU overhead required just to drive a fast GPU. Still, we can't avoid the obvious interpretation. The Pentium EE 840 also struggles in this game, and it has a full 16 PCIe lanes available to it. The Atom and E-350 are typically slower than the Pentium EE 840. Ergo, ouch.