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Battlefield: Bad Company 2
Most of our performance tests are scripted and repeatable, but Battlefield: Bad Company 2, we used the Fraps utility to record frame rates while playing a 60-second sequence from the game. Although capturing frame rates while playing isn't precisely repeatable, we tried to make each run as similar as possible to all of the others. We raised our sample size, testing each Fraps sequence five times per CPU in order to counteract any variability. We've included second-by-second frame rate results from Fraps, and in that case, you're seeing the results from a single, representative pass through the test sequence.

These results follow the same cruel logic the StarCraft II ones did, only frame rates in this game suffer even more on the lower-end desktop CPUs, such as the Pentium G6950, and on the older processors like the E6400. The Atom D525 is faster than the E-350, but neither is anywhere close to competent here.