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StarCraft II
Up next is a little game you may have heard of called StarCraft II. We tested SC2 by playing back 33 minutes of a recent two-player match using the game's replay feature while capturing frame rates with Fraps. Thanks to the relatively long time window involved, we decided not to repeat this test multiple times. The frame rate averages in our bar graphs come from the entire span of time. In order to keep them readable, we've focused our frame-by-frame graphs on a shorter window, later in the game.

We tested at the settings shown above, with the notable exception that we also enabled 4X antialiasing via these cards' respective driver control panels. SC2 doesn't support AA natively, but we think this class of card can produce playable frame rates with AA enabled—and the game looks better that way.

The GeForces win the day in StarCraft II, and the GTX 590 performs particularly well, with our WICKED config nearly matching dual GTX 580s.