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Under the hood
Lifting off the left panel grants access to the 650D's handsome charcoal internals. This is where the magic happens.

The internal layout should look familiar to owners of Corsair's Graphite Series 600T—and, you know, those who read our review of that enclosure. Just about everything, from the cut-outs in the motherboard tray to the bottom power-supply emplacement and the arrangement of the storage bays, is pretty much identical. No, really; the resemblance is uncanny.

There's nothing wrong with that, of course. The 600T has an excellent, roomy internal design, with cut-outs positioned just at the right spots and some excellent storage bays. If it ain't broke...

Corsair splits the six 3.5" hard-drive bays into two trios, and the top one can be moved down to make way for an extra-long graphics card. This is another trick the 650D borrows from the 600T. The actual hard-drive trays are identical, too; they snap onto 3.5" drives with ease and have mounting holes for 2.5" storage devices like SSDs. (Installing an SSD will involve removing one of the four rubber-mounted studs, but that's simple enough to do.)

Nope, nothing unexpected here. The 650D's right side might look clean enough out of the box, but as we're about to see, it can get awfully crowded if you run all the cables on this side of the case. Doing so will ensure the cabling doesn't impede airflow in the main compartment, though.