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Versus mobile processors
Now we'll consider the A8-3500M against a range of recent mobile CPUs, including AMD's own Brazos-based APUs.

This is a different version of SunSpider running on a different browser than we saw a couple of pages back, so don't be surprised by the much larger numbers.

When removed from the company of desktop processors and placed exclusively alongside other mobile CPUs—many of which, in this case, are relatively lightweight, low-power affairs—the A8-3500M's CPU performance doesn't look nearly as dire. In fact, the A8 keeps up pretty well with the Arrandale-based Core i3-370M and Core i5-450M, both of them dual-core, 32-nm CPUs. Only the Sandy Bridge-based processors, with their much more efficient CPU microarchitecture, really distance themselves from the Llano-derived APU. Meanwhile, the A8-3500M clearly outclasses the lower half of the processors tested, including the Turion II Neo and Pentium CULV chips.