The TR Podcast 92: Fusion, the cloud, and dongles galore

Plus better audio for laptops, Samsung's Chromebook, and more

The Tech Report Podcast Date: July 25, 2011
Time: 1:11:59

Hosted by Jordan Drake

Co-Hosts: Scott Wasson, Geoff Gasior, Cyril Kowaliski


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Show notes
We kick off this episode by answering some listener questions, delving into the latest cloud computing solutions from Microsoft, the possibilities of reviewing the new Samsung Chromebook, and the many AMD Fusion options that have befuddled one of our readers. Then, after a little RSS housekeeping, we dive into two stories from Apple. Our panel analyzes the record numbers from the Mac maker's latest earnings report, discusses the latest updates to the MacBook Air lineup, and gets the scoop from Cyril as to whether or not Lion is worth the $29.99 asking price.

We then move into a series of recent posts and stories from TR, including our newest comic from Fred Silver, Geoff's review of the Asus Xonar U3 USB audio device, and Cyril's take on the Diamond VStream wireless HDMI adapter. We also revisit (albeit for a third time now) AMD's Llano APU, exploring two new variables of faster RAM and IGP-only power consumption. We wrap things up with Cyril's Gladwellian (I think we just made up a word) look at the science of fanboys, plus a quick peek at a very powerful little Z68 Mini-ITX motherboard from Zotac.

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Listener mail:

Cloud based office software and the Chromebook? - from ssidbroadcast - (0:01:11):

"I have a question/talking point that I'd like the guys to discuss for the podcast. As recently as last week, Microsoft announced a cloud-based version of their ubiquitous office-productivity software called Office365 ( As you might have already guessed, this variant of MSOffice allows users to use all of the software provided in MS Office from anywhere they have access to the internet (I am unsure if a small custom-client is downloaded or if it is browser-based like Googledocs). This is perhaps an obvious response to Google's recently-released Chromebook, which allows a user to have all of their productivity things worked on from any other Chromebook, etc, and you can either buy the Chromebook outright or pay a subscription fee. Who do you think has a better shot at establishing themselves in this market, and is "cloud-office" the future for that class of software?

Related follow up: Are you guys going to review that Samsung Chromebook? It looks nice..."

Fusion? - from KJ - (0:06:48):

"Hey guys, another great podcast! I had some questions about AMD Fusion purchase. I want to own a AMD fusion system llano or bulldozer. I want to get the Fusion build that is best performing FUSION product. I am focused on any of these build types: zacate ITX, zacate laptop, llano itx desktop or llano laptop. So if you were looking to purhcase a AMD FUSION build which one would you get? Laptop - In your opinion which is teh better FUSION implementation: FUSION Zacate Laptop of FUSION llano laptop? Where would you spend your $$$$. ITX Small Form Factor Desktop (HTPC). I would use the FUSION system for light HTPC (i.e. extender) or light gaming (1080p) monitor. I was looking to either replace my 2 yr old Gateway SU4100 Intel build with a AMD FUSION laptop or purchase a ITX FUSION build as a test box. I am open though to your suggestions and your thoughts. Thanks."

Tech discussion:

    Sneak a peek at our new RSS feeds, please (0:14:04)- Read more

    Apple posts yet another round of record results (0:18:21)- Read more

    Apple unleashes Lion, new MacBook Air, and more (0:22:29)- Read more

    What PC makers think is happening at retail (0:38:50)- Read more

    Asus' Xonar U3 USB audio device (0:43:07)- Read more

    Diamond's VStream wireless HDMI adapter (0:45:33)- Read more

    Llano in overtime: 1866MHz RAM & IGP-only power (0:48:49)- Read more

    The science of fanboyism (0:56:00)- Read more

    Zotac's Z68-ITX WiFi Mini-ITX motherboard (1:05:02)- Read more

That's all, folks! We'll see you on the next episode.TR

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