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Slicing and dicing: StarCraft II

The GeForces are the champs at avoiding long frame latencies in SC2, in relative terms. However, we're still seeing hundreds of frames over 50 ms during our 33-minute test session, even from the fastest solutions. There may be a CPU- or system-level performance limitation coming into play here. Still, a faster graphics subsystem will help quite a bit in avoiding slowdowns.

Even with all of the funkiness going on with frame time variance for some of single- and multi-GPU solutions, our 99th-percentile frame latency results track pretty closely with the FPS averages. Several corrections come with the change of focus, though. The latency-sensitive metric drops the Radeon HD 6970 to the bottom of the heap, for one. Also, in spite of its funky stair-step pattern, the GTX 580 rises in the rankings, moving ahead of even the Radeon HD 6990, whose own funny pattern of variance includes more frames at higher latencies. Finally, the GTX 580 SLI rig retains its overall performance lead, but its margin of victory over the rest of the field narrows substantially.