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Power consumption
We tested power consumption under load with IOMeter's workstation access pattern chewing through 32 concurrent I/O requests. Idle power consumption was probed one minute after processing Windows 7's idle tasks on an empty desktop.

Notebook users beware: don't assume that 2.5" mobile drives have anywhere close to the power consumption of the Caviar Black. In reality, you're looking at power consumption in the 1-3W range, making it difficult to argue that adding an SSD to your notebook will dramatically improve battery life. It will, however, allow you to toss that system around with no fear of a head crash tearing through your hard drive's mechanical platters in a grinding crescendo of catastrophic data loss.

Among our collection of solid-state drives, the Intel 320 Series consumes the least amount of power overall. All of the drives are pretty power-efficient, although the ones based on SandForce silicon do tend to draw more wattage both at idle and under load.