The TR Podcast 97: Sweet spot SSDs and Amazon’s new Kindles

The Tech Report Podcast Date: October 2, 2011

Time: 1:31:12

Hosted by Jordan Drake

Co-hosts: Scott Wasson, Geoff Gasior, Cyril Kowaliski

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Listen now:
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Show notes

In TR Podcast tradition, we kick off this episode with a lengthy round-table gaming discussion. Cyril relates his experiences with the Battlefield 3 beta and TrackMania 2, after which our panel goes over some of the more notable titles on the horizon, including Rage, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, and Modern Warfare 3.

Next, the panelists change gears and share their thoughts on Amazon’s new Kindles—especially the Kindle Fire, which Scott believes will be a commercial success. We round out the episode with a look at Asus’ big honkin’ Llano notebook and a slew of new 120-128GB solid-state drives.

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Tech discussion:

That’s all, folks! We’ll see you on the next episode.

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    • xiaomimm
    • 11 years ago
    • xiaomim
    • 11 years ago
    • fent
    • 11 years ago

    Was really surprised you totally didn’t give Skyrim any attention compared to rehashes of FPS’. Especially since you were talking about utilizing these new games in GPU benchmarks. Back when Oblivion came out it crushed systems and with Skyrim using a new engine maybe it will too. Or am I missing something?

    • glynor
    • 11 years ago

    I liked the Nvidia sponsorship segment! An “ad” but actually containing useful content (which means I actually listened to it rather than just hitting the 30 sec skip ahead button). Well done.

    • ShadowTiger
    • 11 years ago

    Personally I think they are doing a great job and its awesome that they have kept at it for almost 100 episodes. No complaints here.

    • DancinJack
    • 11 years ago

    It’s usually like that. Always posted Sunday evening/Monday morning.

    • codedivine
    • 11 years ago

    I am more interested in Rage than BF3 to be honest 🙂
    Looking forward to its release tomorrow 🙂

    • travbrad
    • 11 years ago

    Good podcast as always. I somehow forgot that Rage was coming out so soon. 🙂 I’ve seen commercials on TV though so I guess it makes sense.

    • travbrad
    • 11 years ago

    So you were okay with Nvidia having ads on the website, but somehow the podcast is crossing the line?

    It’s not like they are going to fake results because they are sponsored by Nvidia. There are so many tech sites that anyone who does that will be found out fast. Their last system guide recommended pretty much all AMD GPUs as the first choice.

    • 5150
    • 11 years ago

    Sponsored by NVIDIA? Ewww.

    Meh, guess you guys gotta pay the bills somehow.

    • supercomp
    • 11 years ago

    Recorded Wednesday and posted Monday, 5 days later.. I love the podcast, but thats just not good enough guys.

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