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SunSpider JavaScript performance

Several of AMD's older Phenom II processors outperform the FX processors in this test, as do over half of the CPUs we've tested. The FX-8150 is only slightly quicker than the lowly Athlon II X3 455.

7-Zip file compression and decompression

Here's a nice bright spot where the FX-8150 runs with and even defeats the top Sandy Bridge, the Core i7-2600K. AMD's older processors also perform fairly well in this test, interestingly enough.

TrueCrypt disk encryption
This full-disk encryption suite includes a performance test, for obvious reasons. We tested with a 500MB buffer size and, because the benchmark spits out a lot of data, averaged and summarized the results in a couple of different ways.

TrueCrypt has added support for Intel's custom-tailored AES-NI instructions since we last visited it, so the encoding of the AES algorithm, in particular, should be very fast on the CPUs that support those instructions. Those CPUs include the six-core Gulftowns, the dual-core Clarkdales, Sandy Bridge, and of course Bulldozer.

Bulldozer's support of AES-related instructions pays off nicely for it in TrueCrypt. At these encryption rates, few storage devices will be able to keep up.