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TR DriveBench 1.0 — Disk-intensive multitasking
TR DriveBench allows us to record the individual IO requests associated with a Windows session and then play those results back as fast as possible on different drives. We've used this app to create a set of multitasking workloads that combine common desktop tasks with disk-intensive background operations like compiling code, copying files, downloading via BitTorrent, transcoding video, and scanning for viruses. The individual workloads are explained in more detail here.

Below, you'll find an overall average followed by scores for each of our individual workloads. The overall score is an average of the mean performance score with each multitasking workload.

The synchronous SandForce setup of the Force GT 240GB can't be beaten in DriveBench. However, the Octane cranks through I/O requests fast enough to put it the second tier of drives. Breaking down DriveBench's individual test results will give us a better sense of where the Octane excelled and where it faltered.

Given our FileBench results, it's no surprise the Octane has a share of the lead in the copy component of our DriveBench suite. The Indilinx-powered SSD also does well when transcoding video, but it doesn't rank as highly in the other tests.