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Batman: Arkham City
We did a little Batman-style free running through the rooftops of Gotham for this one.

We had hoped to test Arkham City with its DirectX 11 features enabled, but the DX11 code path in the first release of the game was essentially broken, with way too many performance pitfalls on any video card. The game has since been patched, but we're not yet confident it's truly fixed, given the user feedback so far. So we're sticking with testing this game—which is truly excellent, by the way—the same way we've played it: in DirectX 9 mode at the highest possible resolution and image quality settings otherwise.

Notice how the Radeons range into 40-ms frame times quite a bit more often than the GeForces here. The FPS average doesn't really capture that important bit of reality. The GeForce GTX 560 Ti and the Radeon HD 6970 are virtually tied in terms of FPS, but the GTX 560 Ti returns 99% of its frames in 26 milliseconds or less. For the 6970, that figure is 35 ms. This one is a clear win for Nvidia.

Long-latency frames above 50 ms are a bit more of a problem for the Radeons, too. Any of the GeForces will give you smoother gameplay overall.

Once again, though, even our most sophisticated tools can't detect a meaningful difference in performance between the GTX 560 Ti 448 and its bigger brother, the GTX 570. Heck, even the regular GTX 560 Ti's performance isn't much different, really.