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Crysis 2
Our cavalcade of punishing but pretty DirectX 11 games continues with Crysis 2, which we patched with both the DX11 and high-res texture updates.

Notice that we left object image quality at "extreme" rather than "ultra," in order to avoid the insane over-tessellation of flat surfaces that somehow found its way into the DX11 patch. We tested 90 seconds of gameplay in which we tracked down an alien, killed him, and harvested his DNA. Cruel, yes, but satisfying.

You can tell the Radeon HD 7970 is relatively fast here from the frame time plots. The 7970 generates more frames than any other card and generally has lower frame latencies. However, the 7970's frame time plot has quite a few spikes in it compared to the GeForces. That results in a dead heat between the 7970 and the GTX 580 in 99th percentile frame times.

Those frame time spikes cause the 7970 to spend more time processing frames beyond 50 ms than the GTX 580 does, as well. However, a total of 51 ms in this category isn't bad.