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Battlefield 3
We tested Battlefield 3 by playing through the start of the Kaffarov mission, right after the player lands. Our 90-second runs involved walking through the woods and getting into a firefight with a group of hostiles, who fired and lobbed grenades at us.

The game was run at its highest detail preset, Ultra, which couples MSAA and FXAA antialiasing as well as snazzy DX11 effects and tessellation.

Just like in Arkham City, wanton frame latency spikes are a fact of life in this game—except only on Nvidia cards. It's strange, but we noticed a similar affliction in other levels and with other Nvidia GPUs and prior graphics driver revisions. The effect is noticeable in-game as an uneven, skipping motion when the camera should be panning smoothly.

With that quirk accounted for, it seems the new Radeons are, once again, outpacing their rivals and forebears.

Yep. In BF3, even the 7850 beats both the GTX 560 Ti and the 6950 handily. The 7800-series cards also take less than 50 ms to render all of their frames, which is what you want.