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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
Our Skyrim run involved running around the town of Whiterun, starting from the city gates, all the way up to Dragonsreach, and then back down again.

Like BF3 and Bulletstorm, Skyrim's detail settings were maxed out. We selected the Ultra preset, which includes 8X MSAA, and then we enabled FXAA in the advanced options for good measure.

Things look pretty close here overall, but the GTX 560 Ti does trail the 7850 and 6950 by a small margin.

Hmm. While the 7800-series cards pull off the highest average frame rates yet again, they also have the highest 99th-percentile thresholds. If you look at our plot, you might see why: the new Radeons venture up a little higher than they should between frames 4000 and 4500. That sequence corresponds, I believe, to the point in the run where we overlook the town from the castleā€”a slightly heavier workload than the rest. To be fair, though, the 99th-percentile results are all pretty close.

Oh, and don't let that long, red bar in the over-50-ms graph worry you. The 7870 suffered an unfortunate but small hiccup, which can be seen in our frame-time plot. 5 ms spent above 50 ms out of a 90-second run is pretty much insignificant.