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HD Tune — Random access times
In addition to letting us test transfer rates, HD Tune can measure random access times. We've tested with four transfer sizes and presented all the results in a couple of line graphs. We've also busted out the 4KB and 1MB transfers sizes into bar graphs that drop the mechanical drive and should be easier to read.

As the line graph illustrates, the gulf in access times between mechanical and solid-state storage is vast—we're talking multiple orders of magnitude. The SSDs are tightly packed by comparison, and the RevoDrive 3 X2 comes out looking pretty good. We typically see the biggest separation between SSDs in the 1MB read, where the RevoDrive is much quicker than its peers.

The trend continues in HD Tune's random write test. While the RevoDrive 3 X2 falls 0.002 milliseconds short of the lead trio in the 4KB test, it's way out ahead in the 1MB test.