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Boot duration
Before timing a couple of real-world applications, we first have to load the OS. We can measure how long that takes by checking the Windows 7 boot duration using the operating system's performance-monitoring tools. This is actually the first time we're booting Windows 7 off each drive; up until this point, our testing has been hosted by an OS housed on a separate system drive.

The Momentus XT 750GB has some caching mojo dedicated to accelerating the Windows 7 boot process, and the new VelociRaptor 1TB can't keep up. It's a few seconds shy of the SSDs, too, but loads the OS quicker than all of the purely mechanical drives.

Level load times
Modern games lack built-in timing tests to measure level loads, so we busted out a stopwatch with a couple of reasonably recent titles.

The SSDs have a few seconds on the VelociRaptor 1TB here, as well. The latest Momentus XT hybrid enjoys quicker Duke Nukem Forever load times than the WD drive, but its solid-state cache isn't as effective at speeding entry into one of Portal 2's test chambers. As we've seen throughout our tests, the new VelociRaptor offers better performance than purely mechanical drives, including its 10k-RPM sibling.