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More outward appearances
The Temjin's steel side panels are sturdy and unventilated, but otherwise unremarkable. Looking at the roof, a 120-mm dust filter breaks up an otherwise monotonous ocean of black. The filter is located toward the rear of the case and is held in place magnetically. Its designated mission: to seek out and capture airborne particles before they enter the power supply.

Casting a casual glance at the back of the TJ08-E reveals one major clue that the internal layout is somewhat unique. The I/O port hole is located in the bottom-right corner, which is a total reversal of the norm. It's a little disorientating at first, but there is a method to this madness.

A 120-mm exhaust grill (sans fan) is located beside the I/O area, and additional ventilation holes can be found punched through any surface not serving a specific purpose. Above the main grill sit four expansion card slots. Just beyond those lies an emplacement for a standard ATX power supply. The bracket is inverted, allowing PSUs with bottom-mounted intake fans to inhale cool air through the filtered ventilation holes on top of the case.

Lurking beneath the TJ08-E is a quartet of domed rubber feet tasked with keeping desks and hardwood floors scratch-free. Toward the front of the bottom panel are four recessed holes for tightening down a single 2.5" hard drive or SSD. Admittedly, it's not the most graceful SSD mounting solution we've ever seen, but at least the option is available. These bottom-dwelling features aren't terribly exciting, but wait, there's more.

You may have noticed a set of horizontal slats in the Temjin's bottom panel. They're the adjustment mechanism for an internal heatsink stabilizing system. Inside the case, a small arm can be raised off the floor to make contact with the heatsink, giving it a small platform to rest on. This setup provides added protection from the perils of transportation, especially when the heatsink is so large that people know you're only compensating for that small... case. What?