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IGP performance: Battlefield 3

As you may recall, Battlefield 3 tends not to be CPU limited with any of these processors. In that sort of game, the A8-3850 manages to outperform the 3770K any way you measure it.

Still, Intel's new IGP has closed the gap with AMD's Llano substantially. We'd say AMD should be concerned, if we weren't expecting a similar leap in graphics performance from AMD's own upcoming Trinity processor, which should be arriving very soon.

AMD's bigger concern, perhaps, might be what happened in Skyrim. If the CPU portion of the processor becomes a limiting factor, then Intel doesn't have to match the performance of AMD's integrated Radeons in order to provide a better overall gaming chip.

IGP performance: Luxmark
One more crazy experiment before we tie things up. Intel's new IGP supports OpenCL 1.1, so how does it compare to Llano's IGP on that front?

AMD's old IGP is faster in LuxMark than Intel's newer one, but, well, they're both pretty slow—vastly slower than their own CPU cores in this nicely parallel workload, in fact. There is a little bit of performance to be gained by throwing the CPU cores and IGP at the same workload, though. This outcome raises some interesting philosophical questions about the relative worth of the CPU and IGP components of these integrated processors, but we'll save that discussion for a later date.