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Battlefield 3
We tested Battlefield 3 by playing through the start of the Kaffarov mission, right after the player lands. Our 90-second runs involved walking through the woods and getting into a firefight with a group of hostiles, who fired and lobbed grenades at us.

BF3 wasn't really playable at anything but the lowest detail preset using these IGPs—so that's what we used.

Trinity is back in the saddle, yielding lower, more consistent frame times than Ivy Bridge. Sandy Bridge, meanwhile, isn't even in the running. Not only does it perform poorly, as evidenced by the plot above, but its HD 3000 IGP also has image quality problems. It fails to render shadows across the ground texture properly.

Yep. Trinity definitely leads the pack here. The average FPS figures might fool you into thinking Ivy Bridge is almost as fast, but a glance at our frame latency curve will show otherwise. The Ivy system's frame times rise sharply for the last 10% or so of frames.