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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
Our test run for Skyrim was a lap around the town of Whiterun, starting up high at the castle entrance, descending down the stairs into the main part of town, and then doing a figure-eight around the main drag.

We set the game to its "Ultra" presets with 4X multisampled antialiasing. We then layered on FXAA post-process anti-aliasing, as well, for the best possible image quality without editing an .ini file. We also had the high-res texture pack installed, of course.

Even at the game's highest image quality settings, our Skyrim scenario doesn't challenge any of the newer cards much. The parity at the 99th percentile frame time is pretty remarkable and suggests a CPU limitation may be coming into play in the toughest last few percent of frames.

The only card that struggles at all here is the GeForce GTX 570, and we suspect that it's bumping up against some VRAM size limitations; it has the smallest video memory capacity of the bunch.