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Labor, part deux
Here's everything all snug and ready to go. Well, except for one little detail.

There's an extra fan attached to the lid. The cable is a little short, so we had to hold the lid over the motherboard while plugging it into the header.

After that, we simply lowered the lid, pushed down to make sure it snapped into place, and fastened it using the same five black screws we removed before. We then mounted the stand. That step involved the installation of four stainless steel, partially threaded screws, under whose heads the stand slid into place. Finally, we tightened a thumbscrew in the middle to keep the stand from sliding off.

Looks pretty slick, doesn't it? Just remember to keep a microfiber cloth handy. The back of the system is clad almost entirely in glossy plastic, and the front is covered in glass. Both of those materials beckon dust and fingerprints.

We had to compromise some of the enclosure's slickness to plug in the external power supply. The 150W power brick measures about 6.7" x 2.8" x 1.6", so it's not exactly inconspicuous. You should be able to tuck it away under a desk or table, though; the main cord is just under six feet long, and the detachable AC cable adds nearly five feet of slack.