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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
Our test run for Skyrim was a lap around the town of Whiterun, starting up high at the castle entrance, descending down the stairs into the main part of town, and then doing a figure-eight around the main drag.

We set the game to its "Ultra" presets with 4X multisampled antialiasing. We then layered on FXAA post-process anti-aliasing, as well. We also had the high-res texture pack installed, of course.

Ok, two things to note in these results. First, although the legacy GeForce cards churn out FPS averages near the 60 FPS mark, they're not actually great performers here, as their 99th percentile frame times and latency curves suggest. Some frames just take a while, especially on the GTX 560 Ti, which we suspect is bumping up against a memory size limitation. You can feel the slowdowns when playing.

Second, although the FPS averages suggest some separation between the slowest and fastest current-gen cards, the differences aren't likely to matter, at least on a 60Hz display. The 99th percentile frame times for those cards are all within a millisecond of one another, and none of them spend much time working on frames longer than 16.7 milliseconds. For Skyrim at these settings, these cards are functionally equivalent.