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Batman: Arkham City
We did a little Batman-style free running through the rooftops of Gotham for this one.

This game does have some DirectX 11 features, but personally, I don't think the tessellated trash bags add much—and the DX11 mode tends to crush performance. We've stuck with testing the DX9 path, so the older GeForces are once again along for the ride.

All of the plots are pretty spiky here, since we're moving through a large portion of the city, forcing the game engine to stream in new content periodically. Flip between them, and you'll see that the Radeon HD 7870's plot shows more and larger spikes than the GTX 660 cards' plots do.

The 7870 doesn't really pay for its spiky frame times in the FPS average results, where it just barely trails the two GTX 660 cards. The 99th percentile frame time is a different story, though.

The Radeon HD 7870's curve shoots upward sharply for the last four percent of frames, while the GTX 660 cards' curves are smoother and their rise more gradual.

Once again, we are largely splitting hairs between the current Radeons and GeForces, simply because they're all quite capable of running this game smoothly. The only real loser here is the GeForce GTS 250, which is outmatched and overwhelmed.