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Crysis 2
Our cavalcade of punishing but pretty DirectX 11 games continues with Crysis 2, which we patched with both the DX11 and high-res texture updates.

Notice that we left object image quality at "extreme" rather than "ultra," in order to avoid the insane over-tessellation of flat surfaces that somehow found its way into the DX11 patch. We tested 60 seconds of gameplay in the level pictured above, where we gunned down several bad guys, making our way across a skywalk to another rooftop.

Uh oh. This time, the latency spikes are on the Radeon side of the fence, while the plots for the GeForces are nearly pristine.

The FPS averages you'll get from, well, almost every other source make it look like the performance of the 7870 and the GTX 660 is a close match. Our nefarious methods tell us otherwise, because the Radeons trip over more long-latency frames.

Yep, the curves illustrate the difference. Also, again, the GTX 660 is substantially quicker than any of the legacy GeForces we tested.

Even the spiky Radeons rise to the challenge of our 50-ms threshold, though. Poof. Mind blown.