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Battlefield 3

Judging by the FPS average, you'd think the various CPUs would all be equally adequate, pretty much. But have a look at the 99th percentile results and—whoops. The Pentium G2120 really struggles, and you can see it happening if you look at the frame time plot above. It's riddled with spikes above 30 and 40 milliseconds.

The reason, most likely, is that the Pentium G2120 is the only CPU here that can track only two threads, one for each physical core. Apparently, one reason BF3 runs so well on the other processors is excellent multithreading. Even the slowest quad-core part (the A8-5600K, in this case) performs admirably, as do the dual-core Intel chips with Hyper-Threading. Have a look at the latency curves below, and you'll see that they all look about the same, except for the G2120's radical turn northward.

So yeah, the FPS average tells us the difference between the Pentium G2120 and the A8-5600K is a single frame per second: 81 FPS versus 82. To take another swing at a deceased equine, the difference between the two is much larger than the FPS average suggests.