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DiRT Showdown
Codemasters' DiRT: Showdown encourages you to drive other cars off the road, which is a lot more fun than typical racing games. Just as importantly, it has gorgeous graphics that can stress even high-end GPUs. We tested this game in the Miami track. We pushed our way ahead of the pack and spent the second half of our 90-second run maintaining our lead.

We tested at 1920x1080 with 4X multisampled antialiasing using a customized version of the "Ultra" preset, which had advanced lighting effects disabled. The performance cost of those effects was too high for our taste on these cards.

The GTX 650 Ti AMP! pretty much mirrors the old GTX 560 in our latency plot. Unfortunately, that means it again suffers from more long frame times than the Radeons—even the 7770 Black Edition.

Our average FPS chart suggests parity between the GTX 650 Ti and the 7770 Black, but again, our percentile data highlights the latency problems of the Nvidia cards.

The same goes for our measure of "badness." The 7850s barely spend any time above 16.7 ms, but the other cards aren't so lucky.