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Batman: Arkham City

When we're moving across the Arkham cityscape, the game engine has to stream in new areas every so often, and that difficult task is partially CPU-bound. You can see the spikes in all of the frame time plots that come at semi-regular intervals, and you'll notice that the spikes tend to be shorter on the faster processors.

The FPS average and our 99th percentile frame time metric agree: in this tough test filled with slowdowns, the FX-8350 outperforms the prior champ from the green team, the Phenom II X4 980. The 99th percentile result tells the story: the FX-8350 delivers 99% of the frames in this test run in under 25 milliseconds, equivalent to 40 FPS.

The FX-8350's latency curve looks quite decent, too, with a smooth and not-too-large ramp upward in the last few percentage points worth of frames.

The occasional spikes throughout the test run mean that all of the CPUs spend a little time beyond our 50-millisecond threshold, but the FX-8350 only burns 70 milliseconds working on long-latency frames during our entire 90-second test period. That's just a few momentary hitches, and it's less than half the time the FX-8150 spends beyond the same threshold. Still, competing solutions like the Core i5-3470 and i5-3570K reduce those hitches to nearly nothing.